When I was thirteen I begged my parents for guitar lessons. They insisted I learn piano first, for which I’m now grateful. I fell in love with it, hard. I mostly played classical, though once I discovered Philip Glass I felt inspired to write my own music. I composed in secret, though, not daring to share my compositions with anyone. I went on to study classical piano in college. It didn’t take long for me to burn out from comparing myself to others, and I dropped out of the program. It was difficult to even listen to, or play, piano music for years. I dropped into despair as I tried moving on with my life.

In 2017 I moved to Vermont for a year, where I was deeply moved by the serenity and beauty of the place. I was also listening to—and finding inspiration from—artists like Nils Frahm, Joep Beving, Otto A. Totland and Jacob David. Upon returning to my home town in New Jersey, I felt a sudden & powerful urge to write music again, and to share it with the world. Overwhelmed by this desire, I bought a piano, and wrote music for my first album (Opening) in two weeks, and Vontmer (anagram for Vermont) was born.

Since then I’ve released several more albums (Her Heart Is Open as the Sky, Summer, Midwinter, let go), some singles through Collaborative Records and Mellotron (Follow Me, Cosmos) and an EP (Ash).

Thanks for listening and connecting.