Writing about the creative process & what inspires me.

Hi, I’m Vontmer. I write and record my own piano music. I find inspiration everywhere, and this space is about sharing it with you, with the hope you’ll create something, too, no matter how small.

night walk

The second single from “let go” is out today on all streaming platforms. It’s called “night walk”. This tune was one of two that I wrote during the week long recording session in December (which I’ve never done before). My intention with this album was to include pieces I really loved playing. (For whatever reason […]

Album Spotlight: “Solo on the Side” / Paul-Marie Barbier

Spotify algorithms get a bad rap at times, though I’ve discovered (or been recommended) some really beautiful albums through the years. The most recent being Paul-Marie Barbier’s Solo on the Side. These pieces are humble and unassuming, yet full of harmonic beauty and ear catching melodies. Some even make you want to move your body […]

on balancing creative inspiration with our desire for technical perfection

One thing that held me back for years from writing my own music was a fear of failure. “What if it’s not good enough? What if no one likes it?” This fear led to an obsession with perfection. I thought I had to create something perfect (whatever that meant) for it to be appreciated. I […]

you don’t ever dream as big as you should

Last week I listened to an interview with Kaki King on Debbie Millman’s Design Matters podcast. Early in Kaki’s career she had the opportunity to audition with the Blue Man Group. Debbie asked her how she got the job. Kaki had low expectations, and having the first audition of the day, thought, “This is going […]


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