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Hello! Welcome to my new website. It’s pretty bare at the moment, and I need to update my sheet music page with all the extra transcriptions I have available. In the meantime, I wanted to share a bit about my new single coming out tomorrow, which I’m very excited about.

I shared the original idea for this piece back on July 22, 2021 (TikTok, Instagram) when I was writing a short piece each day. I ended up doing it for about 50 days before I decided to stop and take stock of what I had written. I didn’t love every piece, and some were intentionally direct imitations of other composers as a way to try and expand my creative palate.

This piece (at the time called simply “032”) is in 6/8, though it has a two-over-three sort of feel. The right hand plays a melody in four, while the left hand accompaniment sticks to the time signature. It felt sort of like an exercise to me. Quite generic. Like the chord progression was overdone and wrung-dry by more talented composers.

After sharing it, though, I got more feedback than usual, and it had been viewed/shared more than most. Stats never tell the whole story, I’m convinced (a post for another time), though in this case, it made me take a second look.

Why had I judged this piece as “generic”, “too simple”, or “unworthy”? Did I want to write more “original” music? Did I want people to have a certain perception of me, that I didn’t think this piece conveyed? (I’m curious whether other composers struggle with this, and how they deal with it. i.e. – Writing to please rather than writing from the heart.)

When it came time to put this next album together (to be released 04.22.22), I couldn’t ignore number 032. The melody was lodged in my brain, and so I started fleshing it out.

I had worked a B section in (number 045 from those daily shares), but when I stitched them together the transition felt awkward, abrupt and forced.

I had since worked in a bridge (B section), which I liked. But it was still lacking something. Some contrast to the A and B. During the recording week (a/k/a 3:00AM to 6:00AM when everyone else is asleep), it finally came to me. (Those early morning hours are very inspiring.)

Contrast is provided by the melody flipping to 6/8 and the bass stepping up (F#, G#, A, B) instead of chromatically down, as it did in the A section. Not much, but it was enough to make the return to the A section feel fresher.

I’m really happy with where it ended up, and I hope you enjoy the final version. Sheet music for it to come soon, and I’m looking forward to sharing and engaging more with you in this space. —vontmer


  1. “ Those early morning hours are very inspiring.”

    Congrats on your new, stunning release! Excited to hear more! I have lots to learn from you and I appreciate you sharing your creative process.

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