night walk

The second single from “let go” is out today on all streaming platforms. It’s called “night walk”. This tune was one of two that I wrote during the week long recording session in December (which I’ve never done before).

My intention with this album was to include pieces I really loved playing. (For whatever reason that hasn’t always been the case with my previous albums.) I wanted it to be full of pieces that were special to both me and the listener.

To determine if I love playing a piece, though, I need time with it. Because sometimes I write a piece that I think I like, then a week later I’ve lost interest. In this case, though, I knew this would be one that stuck with me. There’s also something about having the mics set up, and it being super quiet in those early morning hours before the kids wake up, that really inspires me. And so it seems like this one just wanted to come out during that time.

I hope you enjoy it! Here’s a music video I made to go along with it.



  1. Hi Vontner, piano learner here. Level is ABRSM-1. I think similar happens to me (not composing but) I hear a song and I think “man what a gorgeous song, I must play it” but then I learn to play it and I kind of realize it’s not much fun to play it. Doesnt happen with all songs though.

  2. I know the feeling! Sometimes a song is more enjoyable to listen to than to play 🙂 I’ve been lucky to find a good selection of pieces (not my own compositions) that I really enjoy playing. Good luck with your learning!

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