house show questionnaire

Hi – I’m so glad you’re interested in hosting a show! House concerts are my favorite way to share my music with people, and they are a great way to build & nurture community in your area. To help make this a reality, there are some logistical things to consider. Please answer the below questions and I will be in touch by email to schedule a call to discuss further.

If you want to do it but aren’t sure about some of the details, that’s fine! Reach out and we’ll talk it through.


Since there are a lot of variables involved (travel to your location, piano tuning, food, etc.), the overall cost of the event can vary, and there are creative ways to keep it reasonable. Generally speaking, I recommend a $20 donation per person to help cover these costs. We can discuss more details around this in a follow up call.


This is up to you! Though I recommend doing a potluck and BYO as it makes it easier on the host, and helps make everyone feel more involved in the evening.